How do you define risk?

Life without risk is like life without love.. Sometimes it makes us happy but at the same time it could make your life miserable.

Then why people bother to manage the risk? Because if we treat the risk rightly then the victory is ours. Unfortunately, we live in a life that full of uncertainty so we could only managing risk rightly if we had appropriate information or we become gambler in life. By implementing risk management effectively, we will have adequate and accurate information to make a right decision.

DC | 2012


One thought on “How do you define risk?

  1. In very simple, common words, in my own personal words, risk management is thinking, finding about all the possibilities might happened, especially the bad ones, and then, finding and thinking again, about what are you going to do about it, where you have several options like prevent it, fix it or maybe even just leave it. And I absolutely agree with your statement, life without risk = life without love.

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